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The next step is to complete your home study. This is a document compiled by a caseworker who visits you at your home, interviews your family, and ensures that you and your family will provide a healthy environment for any child added through adoption.

It can seem fairly extensive and includes everything from family background, education, relationships, finances, to prior parenting experiences. The home study will focus on the specific type of adoption you have applied for in regard to country, age of child, number of children, etc.

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In some cases, the caseworker may feel that an adoptive placement is not in the best interest of the child or family. You then work with your agency to complete the necessary steps to be matched to a child for adoption. The manner in which this is accomplished varies between programs.

For some, a family will be given a list of waiting children to review, and in others birth parents or caseworkers choose the adoptive family based on their perception of which family would best meet the needs of a specific child. Once a family has been chosen, the referral is presented to the adoptive family who is then given the opportunity to accept the match.

If accepted, the adoption process moves through any remaining necessary steps before placement. The timeline from acceptance of the referral to placement varies based on the specific program. Once the child comes into your care, there are different steps to finalize your adoption depending on the program. Often, you and your child appear before a judge to finalize that adoption. It could also be that all finalization documents are filled out and filed remotely. You have a lifetime ahead of you to grow, care, and love your child.

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We encourage you to continue to stay educated and equipped in order to bring hope and healing to your child and family. Adoption can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and often one of the major barriers to adoption is finances.

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The U. Organizations like Show Hope exist to help bring waiting children into the love of families through financial grants. There are many other organizations and agencies that offer grants or loans as well. Many employers also include adoption benefits and assistance programs to their employees, so be sure to ask your employer if this benefit is available. In addition there are many creative ways families have funded adoptions through fundraisers. Each agency offers resources to the adoptive families who are working within their programs.

Look into the differences between several agencies on your list to determine what resources each agency offers and what resources are lacking. Decide which resources are most important to you and use this information to aid in your agency decision. These resources include connections to local pediatricians or care services, early intervention programs, workshops, classes, adoption conferences, mentor programs and formats in which to connect and speak to other adoptive parents.

Resources come available in a plethora of forms allowing adoptive parents to choose the resources most helpful to them.

Understanding the Process Adoption can be a varied and often complex process, making each adoption experience unique. The book is offered in traditional soft cover and convenient e-book formats. Currently, the book is available in English only.

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