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Nobody asked for the order!

How could my manager have the nerve to come right out and ask such a direct question? It was obvious that he had done this many times before and had no issue whatsoever asking for their business. I instantly learned that in order to be successful in sales, I needed to be able to ask for the order.

They may be afraid of rejection, or are not confident in themselves or what they have done during the sales campaign. From my personal experience, I have seen that many sales campaigns falter or fail simply because the sales rep does not ask. However, there are certain logical times when you need to just do it:. Everyone has their own style and I have found that most executives appreciate a sincere and direct approach.

If you are confident in your solution and the value it will provide, you should say so and ask for the business. A direct approach might go something like this.

Sales Tips: Sandler Rule #16: Never Ask For The Order, Make The Prospect Give Up.

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ASK for the Order and Close the Sale!

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