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Led by Apostle Vincent Majama, the church has engaged various entities to help in improving the lives of people in the community in which it operates. Majama said the church as an institution, will continue in its effort to remain instrumental in nation building through its community outreach programs. Sefume is adamant that Kgosi Sekoko is a public servant and therefore he should not mingle in political matters adding that Sekoko's role is to unify all his morafhe regardless of their political affiliation.

He explained that they want the District Commissioner to take action against Sekoko or Sekoko should publicly apologize for his utterances. The communique continues to say the DCEC would like to state as a matter of fact that they have never requested for any clearance from anyone regarding this matter, and the mandate of the DCEC is to investigate allegations of corruption and to send the investigation file to the DPP after completion of investigation for advice and possible furtherance.

It says it is therefore the duty of the DPP to handle the prosecutions aspect of that case, which has the powers to summon and serve individuals with court orders. It says the DCEC does not require the advice or consent of any person to do its work. Police arrested 2 foreign men yesterday in two separate incidents involving copper cables, suspected to be stolen.

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According to a media release from police Public Relations Officer, Near Bagali, the 2 suspects who are directors of two Metal Scrap Yards, were arrested during Police operations after failing to account for the possession of copper cables valued at over P77 and P59 respectively. Investigations on the matter continue. He was appreciating them at a 2 day conference, which was held in Francistown recently. Makgophe said Commanders are strategically placed to advance the policing agenda through building of strategic alliances with members of the community.

Botswana's Political system is designed to undermine democratic practice contrary to popular belief. Malunga alleges that the incumbent Botswana Democratic Party BDP, has an unfair political advantage citing that presidential successions are only designed to maximize the benefits of incumbency by giving the stand-in president power to campaign, ahead of the following year elections. Malunga also indicated that under former President, Ian Khamas rule, the country slid into authori-taria-nism, as undemocratic practices, such as threatening the independence of the judicial system and the media happened under his administration.

Its mandate is to promote open society values, by working towards building vibrant and tolerant democracies.

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Gabz-FM is embarking on a national Gratitude Tour as the radio station celebrates its 20 years of Broadcasting Excellence. Gabz-FM is one of three private radio stations that are licensed to operate in Botswana. The theme for this anniversary programme is Ntwakgolo Ke ya Molomo.

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The theme of the tour, which was motivated by one listener, Eric Mokokwe, intends to call citizens to action to participate in the democratic process that Botswana is known for. Speaking on Camp Davos this morning, Gabz-FM Operations Manager Seneo Matlapeng said, as Botswana is holding its most contentious election ever, the station had found it fit to take advantage of this moment to get on a tour to not only celebrate 20 years in the broadcasting business but also to educate the youth on politics and elections as the station recognises the power this demography holds. She also said it was important to share information and educate young people as they are said to have registered in large numbers.

He said citizens must speak with one voice saying political differences must not have the nation torn asunder adding that values like Setho must unite where these differences fail. She encouraged the sector to not shy away from contributing towards the continued building of the democratic process as a strong democracy requires the involvement of all. The town of Selebi Phikwe has been inundated with high rates of suicide due to depression,high divorce rates and high dependency rates on social safety nets since October after government shutdown BCL Mine.

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This was revealed by Town Mayor,Molosiwa Molosiwa. Molosiwa mentioned that the municipality has been experiencing an influx of applicants for enrolment in social safety nets and this has had an effect on the council expenditure.


Furthermore,Molosiwa said council is also providing psychological support services to various individuals experiencing social issues and these issues have been escalating every month. It was then inaugurated in through the support of former president Sir Ketumile Masire and the former president Festus Mogae declared September as a national event. The purpose of the event is to encourage churches to join hands with government in ending HIV infections.

Addressing a sub council meeting, Modiegi said this is despite several methods in attempt to recover the owed funds. He revealed that the Maun Administrative Authority currently has arrears amounting to over 1. Modiegi says a door to door and know your customer campaign is being carried out in an effort to expedite loan recovery and attract more customers to the program. The wildlife capture team has already arrived in Maun, to seize all the hippos and crocodiles in the remaining pools of the dry Thamalakane River.

The exercise was scheduled to start yesterday Friday. Addressing Maun Sub Council, Chairman Mmoedi Modiegi said this will save the animals from endangering the lives of residents and also compete for the limited water resource with the public. Modiegi indicated that the few pools remaining in Maun are competed for, by the hippos, crocodiles and people fishing in the same pools. The drying of the Thamalakane river has worsened as inflow from the Angolan highlands has been very low.

Currently hippos and crocodiles are stuck in mud pools across the district, in areas such as Lake Ngami and Chadichadi lagoons. The construction of the Platjaan Bridge over the Limpopo river is 93 percent complete. Police in Francistown are investigating an incident in which a 29 year old man was hit by BMW vehicle near Jubilee clinic. Station Commander,Lebalang Maniki told Gabz Fm news that the victim was trying to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing when the incident occurred.

Maniki revealed that the driver of the vehicle abandoned it and fled the scene. When addressing the media yesterday BOB Governor Moses Pelaelo said subdued domestic demand pressures and the modest increase in foreign prices contribute to the positive inflation outlook in the medium term. Pelaelo said hoewever, modest growth in global economic activity, technological progress and productivity improvement present downside risks to the outlook.

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He said the real GDP grew by 4. This was mainly attributable to the continued good performance of the non-mining sectors and recovery in mining output. According to their communique, the engagement was part of the ongoing campaign to engage with Batswana in the diaspora to implore them to play a more active role in promoting Botswana globally. Other attendees raised some issues which were of concern for them, and worked against the Nation Brand and its efforts to attract tourists and investment into Botswana, these concerns related to poor work ethic in Botswana, immigration issues as well as the bureaucracy around setting up a business in the country, which hinders the ease of doing business.

The Institute of Development Management IDM Board of Governors met in Eswatini yesterday on the agenda of strengthening diplomatic relations and collaborations between the three member states of the tripartite operation, being Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini.

Speaking to Gabz FM News desk IDM Regional Director Richard Malikongwa says institutions of higher learning find themselves having to deal with this exciting challenge of creating the right learner experience as well as developing the workforce. Malikongwa revealed how IDM is excited by the challenges ahead due to the 4th Industrial Revolution, saying they are operating in an era of accelerated technological advancement. He said their industry is at the heart of the 4IR and they are tasked with providing an educated and skilled workforce to an industry that is going through an unprecedented rapid change.

According to the statement released, the Board and Management of Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital says that efforts to operationalize the Teaching Hospital are in progress.

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It says to that end, such matters are still before Government for consideration and subsequent approval. The communique continue to say that they keenly await the appropriate responses from Government, who equally recognizes the Teaching Hospital as a project of national interest.

Speaking at the send-off, British High Commissioner to Botswana, Her Excellency Katy Ransome said the two additional slots were as a result of the absconding of other countries that had failed to fill the seven-person quota. She further asked the participants to leave as much as they learn by interacting with communities, traveling through the 4 countries of the United Kingdom and teaching as much as learning as this is also the intention of the Chevening Scholarship, to open the mind.

Furthermore, a joint strategy has been unveiled between the two partners to provide the Exchanges with a framework for cooperation in areas of product and market development, promotion of cross listings which shall include the Exchanges formulating common fast track listing requirements for companies seeking secondary listing in either market, as well as a revenue sharing agreement on initial listing and continuing obligation fees paid by issuers. Further to that, the Exchanges will work on the creation of a framework, in conjunction with the respective regulators that will make it easier, quicker and cheaper for companies to cross list, by simplifying issues such as exchange controls, fungible assets and regulatory harmonization.

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Another area of focus will be information sharing on key areas in developing capital markets. Bgoni said this partnership will foster the development of the capital markets and contribute immensely to the economic development of Zimbabwe and the Southern African Development Community SADC region.

Botswana Nurses Union Deputy Secretary General Kenosi Mogorosi says his union is hopeful that the Government will respond positively to challenges in the health sector. The commemoration was held under the theme: Nurses; A voice to lead; Health for all. President Mokgweetsi Masisi has commended the nurses for the good job they have done and are still doing for the nation. He also said the theme of the day is also in-line with the pillars of Vision Masisi who also awarded all the nurses who have excelled in the line of duty over the years said the government is as much committed to improving health services and also to reach Batswana.

Bakgatla—ba-Kgafela are celebrating recent developments in South Africa after a commission of inquiry resolved traditional disputes and claims that had divided Bakgatla. When releasing the commission in Rustenburg recently, North West Premier, Professor Tebogo Job Mokgoro said that he considered all the submitted issues, ranging from governance to administration, including the issues of traditional leadership; and a consideration was thereafter made to craft inclusive Terms of Reference for the purposes of guiding the mandate of the Commission as well as taking into account all issues raised.

Bank of Botswana has determined that Botswana Fund Motshelo is illegally taking deposits from members of the public, and operating a pyramid scheme business. According to the statement released, the Bank has accordingly directed the promoters of Botswana Fund Motshelo to cease such activities.

It states that pyramid schemes and other illegal deposit-taking activities are unlawful in Botswana; and contravene Section 3 subsection 1 of the Banking Act. In a communique the Bank of Botswana says it is a criminal offence, punishable by law, for any person to promote the aforementioned illegal activities in Botswana, as that constitutes unfair trading practice. The students had decided to boycott classes citing the deplorable state of their hostels. Student Representative Council president, Tshireletso Monnye told GabzFm news that they decided to return to classes and give the institution's management up to the 30th of this month to have addressed their grievances.

Monnye says some students have fungal infections due to appalling conditions at the hostels adding that the school hostels were last renovated in The institution currently has over students. Monnye added that they have also given the school management up to the 7th of next month to have installed internet at the library so that they can carry out research.