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I, photo. The demonstration was in answer to a march two weeks ago protesting against American involyement, and covered the same.

But before Mrs. Anne Ban-. Kevin flrrd. Bhf was hit in the abdomen. Barr died v. Kevin whow father. Sun— lsraeli and Jordanian forces clashed on the border in the Latroun area.

A Jordanian spokesman said 15 Israelis were killed but Israel said there 1 was only one Israel casualty. The fighting was reported halted ,an hour-and-a-half. Overseas visitors also set up a new record. Senator Daniel Brewster Democrat, Maryland , who recently returned from an inspection tour of Vietnam, today suggested mining the entrance to the North Vietnam port of Haiphong to bar the entry of missiles and other weapons.

In a radio interview, he said that Soviet-made. Each nib is hand-ground to match the different writing style. The large easy -glide gold nib flexibly follows every movement, traces a script of strong individual character. Filling a Pelikan fountain pen with plunger mechanism or ink. Page 4. Senator Edward Kennedy had a stimulating minute exchange of views with student leaders from four institutions of higher learning in Singapore, when he met them at the University of Singapore Students Union building this afternoon. Earlier, Senator Kennedy, who flew in last.

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The play is a musical comedy, d. Trade unions in Africa and Asia must guard against being made pawns of politicians and governments, the general secretary of the Malaysian Trade Unions Congress.

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  6. Zaidl, said here today. Addressing delegates and observers, who included 15 visiting AfroAsian. The tliree month course will consist of.

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    M p m from. Announcing this Dato Shaw said that many individuals had personally asked him where.

    Johore s Deputy Chief Police Officer. It was the 13th annual United Nations Day celebration. Sun— The Yourw? Page 5.

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    This was. Two Malaysians have been asked to show cause as to why their citizenship should not be cancelled. They are Mr. Both of. The Chief Minster. About C. OOO Scouts who are ex- I pected to t. Six outstanding young business and professional men are to be sent by Rotary District , which includes Malaysia, on a group study exchange programme to visit thr United States. The croup is scheduled to leave on July 1. Inche Rahatsl bin Kcnap.

    Hp has aslced the Minister for Defence. Ooh Kene Swee. The Chief Minister. Dato Wong Pow Nee. Dato Wong, speaking at the. Industrial concerns and other establishments in Petaling Jaya were today accused of adopting a closed door policy in the employment of Malayans of Indian origin. He replaces Mr. Teo Boon Chlow. Few dogs were designed tor a hot. It gets them down, saps their energy, robs them of that well-cared-for look. And you can. Page 6.

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    The Vietnamese Ambassador here, Mr. In the Langat River. The body of one child, Susila. Still missing are S. A senior Government official from Singapore is among r, trainees from 12 Common wealth and South-East Asian countries studying public administration in Australia. He is Mr. The course is. Kua Joo of Selangor. Tun Lian Seng of Singapore and Mr. Chew Loon Huat of Johore have been adjudged the best three playI wrights tn the Chinese short drama competition sponsored by the Singapore Ministry of Culture.

    Each will receive. Lord Kilmuir. He also stated that. M Bad jenid and Co. Woman drowned IPOH. A vom. Chung Mooi Loy. Michael Yap has decided to keep his speciallymodified car. I a lifetime. Allot, Oop Bff V. Page 7. Sunday THE. Minister of Transport. Da to Sardon bin Haji Jubir. Australiantrained soprano Florence Pong has been invited to make a song recital tour of Bangkok, Hong Kong.

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    Manila and Singapore. While making a series of recordings for Radio Hong Kong when she was there. The Province Wellesley South District Council was yesterday urged to provide more lights for the railway! Three Infantry officers and four medical. They are Major Abdul Manap bin Kudi. PrrmiMlon for the cKu. The second officer of the Admiral Ushakov told the police that the quinnine was found missing when he checked the cargo early.

    The Yang di-Per-tusui Negara. It, The opening will be followed by -a national language book exhibition at which II publisher will display their. Su: As a result; iof complaints, thr Bukit Kangkar I liocal Council will seek the assistance of the police to eliminate i illegal hawkers. Dr T Visvanathan. The most comfortable way to write! Modern and elegant design in plastic A and chrome. Just put a little Optrex in the special eyebath, hold it up to your.

    Page 8. Sun THE National Electricity Board was today urged to set up an independent commission like the Public Service Commission to regulate promotions and discipline of its 7, employees. The call came from the president of the National Electricity Board Junior. Andrew Garling. Inche Abdul Latiff bin Mohamed. Malaya Lodge No. According to the list there Is a possibility that the Chinese and Mu.