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In short, the case for reconciling baggage and passengers is overwhelming yet its implementation continues to be delayed. The reasons given for not yet achieving per cent baggage reconciliation are few and unconvincing. One tactic is to argue, as UK Minister for Aviation, Lord Brabazon of Tara did in , that extensive reconciliation of all transfer bags would bring civil aviation networks grinding to a halt. But while poorer nations must address the matter of priorities the majority of developed countries are not hampered by such financial constraints.

But given that immunisation from international terrorism is a chimera such an attitude is positively dangerous. This distinct lack of plausible opposition to calls for full reconciliation should have been overcome by , yet there still exists the bizarre situation that not all passengers are being afforded the protection that they have had the legal right to expect since 19 December At this point it is necessary to draw some observations.

We have seen that the record of aviation security history reveals that on many occasions such sabotage attempts have been successful thus highlighting the fallibility of existing airline security systems. Despite various counter-measures there is still the potential for successful sabotage, the most recent example being the destruction possibly sabotage of TWA over the Atlantic on 17 July Secondly, there are numerous ways to infiltrate an airline security system whether the target for the IED is cargo or passenger baggage.

In practice, the latter appears to be responsible for the largest area of vulnerability and accordingly attempts have been made to provide, and subsequently strengthen, international legislation aimed at both the screening and reconciling of passengers and their baggage. It is therefore in the interests of the travelling public to ask: why full implementation of the existing international legislation has not occurred? Although the threat to civil aviation from terrorist attack is relatively low level, the midair sabotage of an aircraft represents the most dramatic and visible face of international terrorism.

This alone should be incentive enough to ensure that any international legislation is fully implemented. However, despite mandatory ICAO legislation the majority of contracting states are yet to provide reconciliation standards which comply with Annex 17 4. This means that airlines who continue to carry unaccompanied baggage without subjecting it to other security control measures are failing to comply with ICAO legislation which was applicable as of 19 December Such a procedure is undoubtedly reckless and in the event of an IED disaster constitutes wilful misconduct with its unlimited liability consequences.

This verdict befell Pan-American following the Lockerbie atrocity. The crucial point for passengers is that these do not fall below a prescribed international level. Williams, P. Williams, Paul. Interstate - Journal of International Affairs. JournalQuest is a free program to help academic student publications increase online readership and distribution. If you are interested in enrolling a journal at your school, please visit the JournalQuest website.

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Moreover, the views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of Inquiries Journal or Student Pulse, its owners, staff, contributors, or affiliates. Forgot password? Cite References Print. It was allegedly this method which the two Libyan suspects employed to insert the bomb which destroyed flight PA over Lockerbie. In some circumstances passengers may opt to pool their baggage in order to avoid excess charges - this has a similar effect.

Endnotes Quoted in Booth, K. Wilkinson, P. Chapter 4: Preventative Security Measures, 4. Quoted in Wallis, R.

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Wallis, R. This was ICAOs estimate for worldwide compliance in the first year. Quoted in ibid, pp. Where a Loan is Better Than a Gift. A Question of Identity.

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For 28 years, it faced off against the Red Army Faction RAF , a small yet highly adaptable terrorist organization that constantly evolved to meet Though somewhat counterintuitive given terrorist organizations' clandestine nature, such organizations do engage in strategic alliances and partnerships with one another. A handful of scholars have grappled with terrorist alliances, but a gap in the literature remains when it comes to how these alliances end.

This study will examine The issue of sovereignty lies at the very heart of international aviation because all aviation relations are built upon it. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the spectacular evolution of the concept of sovereignty IT is important to note th at the duty to cooperate, despite at times having been called a fundamental principle of international law2 has not been adequately defined. Follow SP. Latest in Political Science American Politics. Radical thinking among the far-right is a growing security problem for modern western society.

Over the past several decades anti-government ideologies have been gaining legitimacy due to controversial interactions between Millennialist fringe religious Climate Change. In recent years, climate change has been increasingly framed as a security issue, with some theorists going so far as to call it the most important security issue of the 21st century. This paper will examine the relationship between climate change The Haitian Revolution of — was a successful slave rebellion in the French colony of Saint-Domingue that began in the wake of the French Revolution and went on to influence subsequent liberation movements for decades to come.

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Political Theory. American politics today operates in an arena where truth and objective reality are bent to the designs of particular interests, powerful people and commercial profiteers. As the afternoon sun began its early fall descent, I was surprise when Neil approached me and extended the offer. The opportunity for the air to air shoot had presented itself.

Fortunately, in this case, nothing ever goes as planned. I was then informed, that there was a change in plans to accommodate a special guest.

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When the aircraft was acquired, Mr. Since the certainty of tomorrow is unknown, the museum staff wanted to show their appreciation to Mr. VanBortel by taking him up in the same the Curtiss Jenny he transported years ago. As the volunteers gathered to figure out the logistics of the flight, pilot Eric Lunger turned to me and asked if I would tag along with him in a Aeronca Champ and photograph the flight for Mr. I was only too happy to oblige. As the Jenny was prepped, a small crowd of visitors, family and museum volunteers gathered around the beautifully restored bird. Gloria VanBortel escorted her Husband Ken to the aircraft and looked on as he climbed into the front cockpit.

After a few swings of the propeller, the engine came alive and they took to the sky. Eric Lunger and I were not far behind and the Aeronca was soon in position to shadow the bi-plane. Paul flew the Jenny the way it was meant to be flown.

The red fabric of this flying antique stood out against the fall colors of the country side, crisscrossing that Pennsylvania sky in a graceful ballet. VanBortel had a front row seat in a real life picture show. When I looked through my the viewfinder, I could not help but be overcome with emotion.

Bonnier Corp. Website Data Disclosure

For those moments, I felt that Mr. VanBortel and I were connected like two lifelong friends. Zooming in was like pulling up a chair at the VanBortel kitchen table. My index finger pressed the shutter release and the image was recorded forever. While I can always share with you the physical print, I can never convey the emotional feeling of seeing a man floating on a cloud.

For those brief minutes the world was peaceful and the moment divine.

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  4. As we landed, I again thought about the lessons I learned over my now 50 years. During this flight, I was reminded of the most valuable ones. In life you need to get out of bed no matter how difficult it is and put one foot in front of the other and discover what the day has to offer. While you never know what you are going to encounter, you have a choice to go out and see who you will encounter.